Terms and Conditions all Sites

                                           Northern Fairs Ltd reserves the right to refuse entry.

                                          Sellers and Public enter the boot fairs at their own risk

 Strictly No Animals allowed e.g. DOGS on boot fair selling area (with the exception of assistance dogs)

                               The Selling of the following goods are strictly prohibited on all sites

Alocohol,Tobacco,Any livestock. Guns, Ammunition, Knives,Gas cylinders,Fireworks.

No Food or Drink to be sold

                                                                    Counterfeit Goods

Copies of Playstation, VCD/DVD films Clothing

Copyright Designs and Patents act 1998, Trade Mark Act 1994, Trade Descriptions Act 1968


                                                         Promoting or Advertising Businesses

Any Person or company wiishing to promote or advertise their business must contact Northern Fairs Ltd before attending any Boot Fair

we do not allow any distribution of leafets on any sites including our car parking area.


                                                            Sellers conditions of Entry

Entry fee for all vehicles must be paid at the gate before entry to the boot fair area (Cash Only)

All boot fair goods and their passengers must be in the vehicle before entry to the boot fair.

No Animals allowed on boot fair e.g. DOGS


To all Sellers No MOVEMENT of VEHICLES once sited until the Boot fair has Finished (REDCAR 4.30pm ) ( WETHERBY 12.30pm )


                                                             Northern Fairs Ltd will no accept

Rude, Aggresive,Indimidating,or Anti - Social Behavior or innapropriate behaviour towards members of staff.



No Refunds will be given for any reason



Information regarding cancellations and updates will be given to public and sellers on 07768386006 (24 hr Messaging service)